Friday, July 31, 2009

Here Comes the Invitation

Opps. Um. I forgot to blog. I finished the Ladybug Afghan and the Star-ghan for Mosaic. I attended the Midwest Fiber and Folk Fair a few weeks ago. Instead of back tracking, I'm going to post about my current project, which I'll finish today/tomorrow.

Asha, a friend since junior high*, is getting married on Sept 5. The ceremony and reception are going to be at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, and I think that it'll be amazingly beautiful. Her bridal shower is tomorrow evening. One of the wedding gifts my parents got was an invitation keepsake. A picture of them on their wedding day and the wedding invite were mounted on what that looked like an open book. Since Asha is the kind of romantic girl who has probably been dreaming of her wedding since she knew what a wedding was, I thought an invitation keepsake would be perfect. I'm crocheting a trim out of 2 strands of size 8 perle cotton, including beads. I'm not sure if I'm going to mount the trim to the card, or how that will go, but it's working up to be perfect. I have the math all done, so when I start the final project after I post this, it should work out relatively quickly.

I'm excited about the feedback I've been getting as I've been working the kinks out of this project. Originally, I planned on using 1 strand of thread instead of 2, but it was just too small for me to work with. I used a strand of ecru and a random brown I had on hand at a crochet night, and just as I was about to scrap the project, my friends were oohing and aahing. They convinced me that using the darker brown and ecru would be perfect. I wasn't sure about the beads, but they helped me with the colors. So, I firmly believe that crocheting in public, with other yarn crafters, is so essential to creativeness.

I'm also excited because I plan to make a pattern for this project. I've never written a pattern for any of the things I've designed. This is the first thing I've created that took so much trial-and-error to work out. I was thinking about submitting it to Tension Magazine, and last night in one of my dreams, they accepted it.

* time has been kicking my ass, and the fact that we've been friends for 18 years blows my mind to bits.