Friday, August 12, 2011

Hook Delivery

I ordered a set of Etimo hooks and Denise Interchangeable hooks yesterday from Mary Maxim. Being a Crochet Guild of America member, I got 10% off at Mary Maxim (there are also discounts for Lion Brand and a few other national places). Score. I almost never spend the money for next day shipping and figured I'd get my hooks early next week. Color me surprized when hubs opened the front door and a package for me fell over.

It is just me, or do you get excited like Christmas when the delivery person comes to your door? After finish making the purchase I forget about the money and I feel as excited as when I'd check my mailbox in college and find a care package that I wasn't expecting.

I checked the bill to make sure I didn't pay extra to get my hooks overnight. I was worried that I'd gotten cheated because I didn't set up an account and chose the quick purchase option, and the packing slip gave a total $3 higher than I remembered. All was good. I was remembering the subtotal amount. Shipping is a flat rate based on dollar amount. The 10% discount subsidized all but about $3 of shipping. The total for both sets plus shipping was about $105. Not bad.

I'm excited to have a *set* of Etimo hooks. I really like the slick finish and soft grip of the one hook I already have. I like that the case has a little zippered pocket. It came with a small scissors, 4.5" ruler, and 2 tapestry needles. Once I throw a few stitch markers and project tags in there, I won't need to worry about carrying a separate tool kit for my day to day crochet. I have a terrible habit of carrying everything around with me and ending up with a purse/bag that weighs WAY more than necessary.

I bought the Denise Interchangeables because one of the designs I'm hoping to sell is Tunisian. right now I only have a 6mm Tunisian hook. I've used the bamboo hooks I have as mini Tunisian hooks, but I can only cram so many stitches on them. I'll have to order more hooks for them though, since I'm wanting to crochet on the double. I was hoping that the sets were sold like that, but at least I have a variety of sizes to test out so I can order the specific 2nd hook(s) I need. I need to resist my childish need to keep connecting the pieces for the sake of connecting the pieces and feeling them snap into place. I hear that they guarantee the sets with great customer service, but the last thing I want is to have to find out.

If I can I'll add pictures later.

And I haven't forgotten about sharing my 6 days of Chain Link with y'all.

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