Friday, May 22, 2009

I need a kick in the pants to get this going!

I really want to be a crochet blogger. That means actually posting to my crochet blog. And I suppose I really, really ought to upload project pics and post them and add them to ravelry. Oh this new-fangled technology (since i haven' t been blogging for7 years or anything...).

There have been 2 Crochet Guild meetings since my last post. The April meeting was redirected to the Knit Out Crochet Too event held at the Northbrook Court Mall. I spent the day sitting at a table with other guild members, crocheting away. I taught a few knitters how to crochet and was able to help a woman stuck on the last parts of the Fat Bottom Bag in Stitch'n'Bitch Happy Hooker. I also participated in the fastest crocheter contest. I was overly caffeinated and my hands shook horribly, so I had a rather poor showing. The winner was a fellow member of our crochet guild. Yay! I bet next year's KOCT will be even bigger and better.

Our May meeting featured our 3rd annual Crochet Buffet. I'd never witnessed the Crochet Buffet before, but I participated. I sat with Devona, who had baby items, showcasing amigurumi. I brought all the amis I had on hand, which was 8 plus a bunch of otamas. Since every meeting I've brought amis for show and tell, everyone seems to think I specialize in them. Other displays included bead, Irish Lace, fashion, Tunisian, free form, doilies, motifs, and shawls. We had a great turnout, including several new members. I loved having an easy way to go around and meet my fellow guild members, since it's hard for me to talk to strangers.

Right now I would rather be at Panera with the Cooler by the Lake crochet meetup, but I'm sick. I think a bowl of soup would do my throat good, but it doesn't seem fair to bargain with my friends' health on a holiday weekend. So, instead, I'm going to go catch up on my soaps and craft away. I may work on the Starghan I'm working on for a future crochet class at Mosaic, a trash bag for my car, or maybe my entry for September's NIC Chapter Challenge. I'm also feeling like doing some embroidery, so I might start on something there. Who knows what I'll be in the mood for until I do it?

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